Day 9: Checking Out Chiba

This morning the students were abuzz with stories about their first night of home-stay, sharing tales of exotic foods, long commutes and unique & interesting features of the homes they were staying in.  Today was our tour day organized by our friends at Inage, and it centered around discovering our sister city, Chiba.  We began the day at Chiba’s version of Science World, called Qi-Ball before heading over to our formal reception with Chiba City’s Mayor Kumagai.  This was our most important formal function as ambassadors for North Vancouver.  Speeches were made, gifts exchanged, a commemorative photograph taken, and the students had the opportunity to ask questions of the mayor.  The afternoon was spent at the enormous Makuhari shopping complex, where students engaged in some retail therapy and even played basketball on the indoor courts.  Back at Inage Sr High School we wrapped up our day by learning about the art of traditional Japanese flower arrangement called Ikebana.  Students were allowed to bring home their creations as gifts to their host families.  The top 3 arrangements, as chosen by the Ikebana teacher, were made by Nikki, Glenn and Jake.  Before departing back home for the host families houses, Handsworth students had one last opportunity to perfect their dance performance for Monday’s farewell party.  Tonight, rumor has it that many of the students will be getting together to go bowling?!  We’re looking forward to hearing the stories again tomorrow!

IMG_0005 IMG_0007 IMG_0011 IMG_0022 IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0053 IMG_0060 IMG_0067 IMG_0077 IMG_0084 IMG_0090 IMG_0095 IMG_0105 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0122 IMG_0130 IMG_0132 IMG_0135


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