Day 7: A Rainy Day in Takayama

Well we weren’t going to get a little rain get in the way of a fun day in Japan, now were we?!  A traditional Japanese breakfast in the ryokan started our day right.  Students headed out, umbrellas in hand, to explore the morning market stalls and shops in the old heart of the town.  Takayama is known for its wood lacquerware and beef, both of which the students were able to find plenty of.  This weekend also marked the spring Takayama festival, highlighted by the number of festival floats found around the town.  Some had marionette figures in them that gave performances throughout the day.  After lunch we all gathered by the foot-baths near the train station before heading up to Hida No-Sato, an old traditionally maintained village, famous for its thatched-roof houses.  There, students tried traditional games, explored the houses, fed koi and swans and even practiced their dance performance for next week.  One last rainy stroll through the festival stalls brought us back to the ryokan for a final traditional dinner.  Tomorrow we are on to Chiba and look forward to meeting our friends and host families in Inage.

IMG_9614 IMG_9618 IMG_9628 IMG_9636 IMG_9640 IMG_9685 IMG_9687 IMG_9700 IMG_9706 IMG_9712 IMG_9732 IMG_9827 IMG_9858 IMG_9882 IMG_9886 IMG_9893


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