Day 5: Hiroshima’s History

Our first bullet train of the trip brought us to warm, sunny Hiroshima today! It was a different day of sorts, with an emphasis on historical perspective. After dropping our bags at the hotel we immediately set out towards the Hondori Shopping Arcade for lunch. We stopped along the way at a fresh market for some produce. Outside the Peace Memorial Park, Mr. Barrett gave some historical context on Japan’s participation in World War II and on the U.S. decision to use the atomic bomb. Ms. Marshall, with the help of a few veteran origami students, taught everyone how to fold their own paper cranes. We were particularly fortunate today to have the opportunity to hear from an in-utero survivor of the 1945 bombing. His personal story really resonated with everyone. Handsworth students all took the chance to leave their paper cranes at the Children’s Memorial by the statue of Sadako before making their way over to the Peace Memorial Museum. The exhibits inside were memorable, and after finishing with the audio tour we all took time outside afterwards to reflect on some of the things we had seen and heard. Evening was spent back by the train station enjoying the most popular local food – okonomiyaki! Tonight students are once again journaling, albeit a little earlier than usual… we are out of the hotel by 6am tomorrow again for another full day!

IMG_8995 IMG_8998 IMG_9009 IMG_9022 IMG_9057 IMG_9060 IMG_9086 IMG_9093 IMG_9099 IMG_9122 IMG_9144 IMG_9146 IMG_9151 IMG_9154 IMG_9177 IMG_9197 IMG_9208 IMG_9211 IMG_9228 IMG_9267 IMG_9272 IMG_9292 IMG_9298 IMG_9310 IMG_9318 IMG_9322 IMG_9326 IMG_9333 IMG_9339 IMG_9342 IMG_9361 IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9373


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