Day 1: Travel to Japan!


Today was a long day indeed!  After a 9.5 hour flight from YVR to Tokyo we quickly transferred one of our bags onto Inage before taking another hour long flight to Osaka and finally one last charter bus ride to Kyoto.  We arrive at the hotel around 9:30pm local time, or 5:30am Vancouver time after 18.5 hours of traveling!  And we managed to make it all in one piece, despite a couple of students best attempts to leave belongings behind.  Our only casualty was a hat left on the second flight.  Although they were tired, spirits were high with everyone singing songs loudly on the bus as we pulled in to the New Miyako Hotel. Tomorrow is our first day to explore Kyoto.  Jet lag will likely have everyone waking early around 5 or 6 am, but we’ll leave the hotel for breakfast at about 7:30 before taking on the city.  The weather forecast is for a cloudy day, but no rain, which is great because we’ll be outside all day.  Looking forward to what Kyoto has in store for us on our Amazing Race Day!


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